Video Learning for Microsoft Web Development

Watching videos is a great way for to learn new web development techniques. There is something about videos that I enjoy more than reading articles. Articles have their place, but if I am trying to digest large amounts of information on a topic, for me, videos are the way to go. I thought it might be helpful to list some of the sites that I have frequented in the past that contain helpful instructional videos for Microsoft web development.


This Microsoft site contains a large amount of free videos covering web development using Microsoft technologies. It was the first site I first used when I was just getting into the industry.

2) MSDN/WebPlatform

The Microsoft MSDN site also contains multiple free learning videos. The link I posted is for web development, but you can also find videos on MSDN for Windows, Database, Cloud and Phone development. All the videos are free.

3) Pluralsight

I like the word “free”. Most of what I have learned has come from free resources. Pluralsight is not a free resource, but I highly recommend their videos. At the time of this post, for $29 a month you have unlimited access to their video library covering development with Microsoft technologies. If you are serious about your Microsoft development, these videos are worth every penny. I recently passed the MCTS 70-515 and watching the videos on Pluralsight was a main contributor to my success.


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