What Women Find Attractive – An Analysis of Hallmark Christmas Movies

Merry Christmas

Attribute: Koshy Koshy

I am going to let you in on a little secret. Now, I have revealed this to a very few select individuals so the simple fact that I am telling you should make you feel pretty special. On top of that, it is probably one of the most unmasculine things I could say. So, here goes…deep breath…I love Hallmark Channel Christmas Movies! Whew. That was hard. I am so glad I got that out. The mounting pressure was unbelievable. I don’t know why I like them, I just do. Yes, there is often more cheese in there than a bowl of queso. Even stranger is the fact that I watch them by myself, not forced to watch them by my wife. Hallmark Christmas Movies make the holidays great.

My wife is finishing up her last year of nursing school. To say she has been busy is an understatement. In the past two years, she has either been working, studying or sleeping most evenings. I think that is how I came to enjoy the Hallmark Christmas movies. I have spent many nights taking care of our children as a way to support my wife as she pursues her dream of becoming an RN. I have successfully watched all Christmas movies released for the 2013 season and, as of this writing, have watched all the movies released for 2014. Plus, I think I have just about seen all the reruns from previous seasons as well. The love stories are the ones I like the most. There is something about watching everything fall apart for almost two hours, then in the last 5 minutes, everything changes for the better and the two realize their love for each other.

(Man, I am having a hard time writing all this mushy stuff. Camo, guns, tools and trucks! I just had to throw those things in there to get me back on a more masculine line of thinking.)

Men often wonder what women find attractive. Is it money, fame, a nice car, big muscles? As a married man of 17 years, my focus is a little different (I had none of those when we got married and none of those things now). I am more concerned specifically with what my wife finds attractive. The longer couples are married the more removed they become from that exciting time when they were first getting to know each other. I know that I was trying hard to impress my wife by the way I dressed and how I treated her. In the past year I began to see how my efforts in trying to be attractive for my wife had begun to fade. For example, I chose clothes based upon one criteria, price. If it was cheap, it was for me. I began to realize that maybe it was time for me to put more effort into impressing my wife but I wasn’t sure how to do that.

With that in mind, over the past two years of watching Hallmark Christmas movies, I tried to make observations as to why female characters found certain men attractive. As I continued watching, I began to notice a trend in the male characters. Several common characteristics the leading men possessed began to become apparent. As I continued to watch this year, most of my theories have been confirmed. In this post I want to share with you my theories of what women find attractive according to Hallmark Christmas movies.

Hallmark Christmas movies, and non-Christmas movies for that matter, tend to have one main male character and often have two. The first character we will call the Hero. This is the “fella” the female character comes to see as her true love. His characteristics seem to be the same no matter if there is a second male character. The other male character we will call the Villain. This male character is not always evil or bad but he does possess characteristics which are portrayed as not ideal. Here is my observation breakdown:


  • The Hero is usually self-employed, an entrepreneur in charge of his own destiny. He might own his own consulting company, winery, Christmas tree farm or accounting agency. If not self-employed, he is a fireman, policeman or soldier who probably also has some sort of side business when he is off duty.
  • The Hero is usually passionate about something. It may be a hobby like photography, music or reading. If it’s not a hobby it often involves some sort of charity or community focused initiative. I can’t recall an instance where the Hero is passionate about sports, video games or computers.
  • The Hero takes an interest in whatever the female character finds important. If it is music, he finds a way to help. If it is cooking, he gets into the kitchen with her. If it is her business, he finds a way to help her, even if she doesn’t know about it.
  • The Hero has a well-kept appearance. He generally is dressed in a trendy fashion but not up-tight. Even if he is involved in some sort of manual labor industry, say selling Christmas trees, his hair is fixed and his clothes are nice but still relevant to his position. His car might be a beat up old truck or typical sedan. It is rarely an expensive automobile.
  • The Hero is very charitable, with both his time and money. He is known in his town and circles as a very giving person and helps out in many ways.


  • The Villain on the other hand is sometimes self-employed but often times works in a large corporation. He is usually wealthy or at least feels the need to display his wealth with his lifestyle. He is very cut-throat in the way he handles his business deals and is completely driven by business success.
  • The Villain is passionate about one of three things: himself, money or both. He is very selfish and unwilling to give up his time to do something the female character finds important. He often convinces the female character to bypass her concerns in preference for his.
  • The Villain never takes an interest in what the female character finds important. He often passes it off as unimportant or someone else’s problem. He might use with wealth as a way to convince her to see his point of view and forsake her cause.
  • The Hero is almost always dressed in the most expensive clothes available in the area. For instance, in the city, that means a top-notched suit and expensive shoes. He is driving some sort of high-priced foreign car.
  • The Hero is selfish. Period.

So, if you are a male and reading this post, first, don’t judge me! You might like the Hallmark Christmas movies as well if you give them a change. Plus, if your girl is into them, then refer back up to the Hero section on getting involved in her passion! Second, maybe it’s time you made some changes as well. If you are interested in finding out what women find attractive in men, then maybe you can use these tips I gleaned from Hallmark Christmas movies:

  • Start your own business or become a fireman!
  • Become passionate about something (not sports and video games).
  • Take an REAL interest in what your spouse, girlfriend or potential girlfriend find important.
  • Don’t dress like a slouch and fix your hair!
  • Be charitable and giving with your time.
  • Don’t be a selfish jerk!

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