Selfie with LukeHi. My name is Eric Parker and I am a  husband, father, special needs parent, Texan, dog owner, golfer, aspiring hunter and at-home chef. In my free time I work as a Software Engineering Manager for a large Big Data company in Raleigh, NC.

My wife, Jeannine, and I have been married for 17 years. Our son’s are Michael, Austin and Luke. Yes, I am a graduate of Texas A&M University with a son named Austin! Trust me, that was a huge battle between my wife and I. You can tell who won. When we named our boys, I just wanted to make sure that their names would fit as characters in a western movie.

Two topics really interest me. First is being a dad and husband. Having 3 boys, one with autism, life is full of ups and downs. I have made many mistakes along the way and learned many lessons. Hopefully some of the things I share can help you on your journey.

Second, in my 30’s, I made a significant career change. After spending the majority of 15 years in the construction industry, I was able to switch to a career in software development. Now as a manager, I see my role as a coach, helping others achieve their career goals and hope to share some of the things I have learned along the way.

I am a very private person and do not enjoy letting people know what is going on in my life but I feel that many of my past experiences might be helpful to someone else. Enjoy.