Interviewing 101: When You Ask Stupid Questions You Will Get Stupid Answers

Lately we have been hiring for quite a number of positions at the company where I work.  I have been conducting interviews on my own open positions plus I have also been asked to sit in on other interviews for other groups to provide some added expertise. As I have been sitting in on these interviews and hearing the questions being asked, one thing really struck me: when you ask stupid questions you get stupid answers.

I can remember¬†some of the questions I have received in the past when I have interviewed for different positions. Yes, you get the technical questions such as “How many bytes are in an Integer?” but you also get questions such as “When was the last time you made a mistake?” What is the interviewer trying to determine about my skills? Do these questions really give them a clear picture of my ability to do the job?

When I choose interview questions, these are some of the guidelines I follow.

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